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Re-piping is the process of removing or bypassing an existing system in a home, building, etc., whether it be a domestic (fresh water intake) or a sewer (waste out take) system. Will my pipe be THAT colorful you ask! No, but wouldn’t that be fun??

Why Plastic (cpvc or pex) re-pipe?

If you have an existing galvanized or copper domestic system (fresh water intake system), Galvanized pipes (steel piping) rusts. Over a period of years, a galvanized pipe will become so plugged with rust that a 1? pipe will look like a 1/8? pipe, or it will become so blocked, you will barely be able to see through the pipe and copper piping will develop pin hole leaks or get corroded. A domestic system consists of pressure vs. volume. Pressure is expressed by P.S.I. (pounds per square inch), which is measured by how much pressure the water department is pumping into your area. Volume is how much water can flow through your pipes. When your pipes are plugged, you do not intake the best possible volume on your premises. It is comparable to having clogged arteries. If you see signs of rust on the exterior of the pipes, erosion or corrosion, you have the potential for leaks or pipe bursts, which could cost you thousands of dollars in water damage.

At Mr Plumber. we are proud to say that we only use the highest end, (top notch), American Made piping, fittings, ball valves, angle stops material available in the industry by research and statistics.

Plastics never rust, build up, or corrode. Plastic piping has a lifetime of 80-100 years, and offers dependability, reliability, consistent volume pressure, and a leak proof system.

The re-piping installation and procedures are very important in determining the life expectancy of the new system.

Why Re-pipe your Drainage System?

If you are experiencing excessive drain cleaning bills due to back ups, most likely your system consists of galvanized, cast iron, or clay piping. Sludge builds up in cast iron, or galvanized waste piping. By drain cleaning all you accomplish is a 1/4? hole through the sludge out of a 2? or 3? waste pipe, then after 2 to 6 months you need to clean the waste line again, the process is repetitive, and so are the bills.

Waste leaks occur due to corrosion of galvanized or cast iron piping aged over the years. Waste leaks and spills under a house or building is hazardous to our well being.

A main sewer line from the house, or building to the property line or side walk consisting of clay piping will most likely have a root build up in one or several sections of the pipe. Root infestation will take place within cracks, and hubs (adjourning 6 foot sections) which will cause root build up, accumulation and constant back up.

If you have these systems every 6 months to a year chances are you need a new main sewer line.

Re-piping Procedures:

In the morning, our crews will conduct a walk-through of the job with the property owner. Any questions or concerns will be answered, and suggestions from the property owner will be greatly appreciated.

To ensure the safety of your property, we cover all your floors, furniture and any other necessary items prior to beginning any job. With your permission, our repipe specialists will shut down your water, cut away your galvanized pipes, conduct the necessary wall openings, extract all debris from the premises, throw all debris in our trucks and haul it away.

At this point, we’re ready to install your new plastic piping.

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plumber in phoenix arizona

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