Kitchen or Bath Faucets Repaired or Replaced


Changing Faucets and fixtures can transform your Kitchen or Bath into an entirely new space. From goose-neck faucets that epitomize elegance, to pull out faucets that make life that much easier, there is a faucet to make your space beautiful and make sense. There are many faucet choices to choose from, in size, style, material, etc.

Mr Plumber can install any faucet that you would like in your home. Because we are not a dealer and we hold no contracts with any manufacturer’s, we are here to offer our professional opinion on products that may work for you and accommodate your needs without loosing style.

We are experts at repairing bath valves, shower valves and faucets. We can repair almost any valve ever made! We also know when it is NOT cost effective to repair a faucet. To keep faucet repairs to a minimum, conserve water and save money, have your faucet repaired as soon as there are signs of leaking or damage. Waiting to have repairs completed will cause more damage to the faucet making it more costly to repair.


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